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George Daniell Estate |

George Daniell Estate and ZentralDepot are thrilled to have rediscovered George Daniell’s absolutely astounding photographic legacy; a legacy comprising of thousands of negatives and vintage silver gelatine prints, paintings and aquarelles by the photographer, who understood himself as an artist photographer.


Within the artist’s estate a recently discovered manuscript has a unique place. It combines photos with written comments by George Daniell. This provides a first hand view of the people portrayed by the artist.

Why has George Daniell, a Yale graduate and one of the great American photographers of the 20th century, been completely forgotten? Further investigation is required, however clues point towards a combination of his private personality, his open engagement in the LGBT+ community, and his later life of seclusion in Maine.

George Daniell’s works have been secured at ZentralDepot, a high security art depot where it’s contents are being documented, researched and archived by dedicated researchers.

An important facet of the work of the George Daniell Estate is to share the rediscovery of this artist with the world. This will be achieved by setting up new editions from the original negatives according to the artists instructions, by publishing books about the work of the artist and by curating exhibitions.

Pleases contact The Estate if you would like to :

LEARN more about George Daniell and his work

SHARE any information regarding George Daniell

ACQUIRE books or prints by George Daniell

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