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The George Daniell Museum proudly presents 


NEW YORK NEW YORK:  The City, the People


A city is a place where strangers meet, where new visions, especially architectural ones, are formed and where ideas are coordinated in a public space. 

The heart of every city is its people. This is an easy truth in every city but it is even more true in the BIG APPLE: New York City.

Mareike Walch and Helmut Schuster share their love for this old big melting pot with George Daniell.

 It was fascinating for the curatorial team of the show to walk through daily life in New York with the eyes and the camera of George Daniell in the 30s and 40s.


George Daniell in an 2002 interview:

 "I lived [in New York] for ten years. I had a studio in Greenwich Village. Of course, I wandered around the galleries and naturally I wandered into Stieglitz gallery. The first thing that impressed me was John Marin`s work, and he influenced me a lot, Marin did. I`ll admit that. It was then that Georgia O`Keeffe arrived and we got talking. And then she came down to my studio to look at my work. And she went through a lot of sketches and things and she said she liked them,…….."

(Interview by Sara Burt, Georgia O`Keeffe Foundation)

George Daniell's time in New York in the 1930s laid the foundation for his career and had a great impact on his artistic work. 

Strolling through the city, he captured his experiences in memorable photographs. 

While visiting the gallery of the photographer and gallerist Alfred Stieglitz, George Daniell got to know and made friends with world famous artist Georgia O'Keeffe.

Furthermore, he became friends with Berenice Abbott, whose famous photographs out of the series 'Changing New York' show many similarities to Daniell's New York photos.


The show NEW YORK NEW YORK reflects Daniell’s life in New York City. His beloved places, and also the people he met in his daily life as a young artist in the beginning of his career.


The Facts:


Title: NEW YORK NEW YORK: The City, the People


Opening: December 2, 2019 at 7pm


Exhibition Duration: December 3, 2019 – March 30, 2020



George Daniell Museum


1205 Washington Avenue


Miami Beach, Florida 33139


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